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Common problems and solution when use mobile phone
Dateㄩ2021-7-28 15:20:58   
If the cell phone has any abnormities, please check it with the following table.
Common problems
Bad receiving

Use cell phone where signal is not good, such as high building neighborhood or basement, the wireless electronic wave can't reach the cell phone effectively.
Avoid these place when using the cell phone as possible as you can.
Use cell phone when the line is intensively used. Such as the rush hour, The circuitry obstruction cut off the signal.
Avoid using cell phone at this time as possible as you can.
The distance with the base station that sends out signal is too far
 request your network service supplier to provide the map of the service area.
Echo or cacophony
the sudden cut of the network because of the bad signal in some area.
Hang up and redial, change for the better circuitry
The bad circuitry in some area.
The shortenning of the time during which the cellphone can be used
The time relates to   the set of the network system.
Please close your cell phone if the signal is not good.
Need to change your  battery
Change for the new battery
When the cell phone cannot receive the signal, it will send out signal continuously to search the base station, so most of the electricity stored in the battery has been consumed and the batteries run low.
Please move to the area where the signal is good or close the cell phone temporarily.
The cellphone can't be open
The batteries run out
Check the electricity of the battery or charge the battery.
The error of SIM card 
The SIM card has been damaged.
Contact your network service supplier .
The SIM card has been improperly stored.
Ensure that your SIM card has been properly stored .
The SIM card has been stained .
Wipe the surface of the metal with the clean cloth
The connect with the network fails 
The SIM card is invalid.
Contact your network supplier.
Beyond the GSM service district.
Check the service area with your network supplier.
The signal is weak.
Please move to the area where the signal is good.
The fail of the phone call making
Use the function of the dialing restriction.
Cancel the restriction
Use the function of the fixed dialing
Cancel the setting s of the fixed dialing.
PIN error
Three consecutive wrong input of the PIN code
Contact your network supplier.
The fail of the charging
Battery or charger damage.
Change for  new battery or charger.
Charging under the condition where the temperature is above 55 Celsius degree or below 10 Celsius degree
Change the charging environment.
Bad contact.
Check the plug to see whether it has been fixed
The fail of the addition of the name in the phonebook 
The saving space has been full.
Delete parts of tthe record in the phonebook.
The fail of the settings of some functions
The network supplier don't support  this function, or you didn't apply for this function.
Contact your network supplier.

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