[ Vehicle Charging System Analyzer ] 
 ﹞Technical Characters

Biopower TECHTM is a leading brand in auto parts industry; we are focus on auto electronic devices design & manufacturing, include auto ECU and battery system diagnoses. The Vehicle Charging System Analyzer will provide you a quick solution to diagnose your vehicle 12V charging system, both on battery & alternator output; you will have a quick know how on your charging system working status, before it aged or malfunction, especially for 12 DC auto battery.


Distinctive Features on Manufacturing:

- All cable wires are specially made by material silicon rubber, compared by traditional PVC wires, our wires can withstand up to 200 Centi-degree in high temp., and in extremely cold weather, the wire will not crack. Our wires are also with better abrasion resistance property, and can use as long life.

- 3M sticker ONLY (world big name sticker vendor) on our Analyzer.

- The printing on the sticker can*t be removed (obliterated), since the color printing is on the back side and the surface of the brand sticker also with a plastic film, it something like the keypad printing on mobile phones; and in this way, the sticker can be long life and in recycle use.

- With Magnetic board, can be easily adhesive the tester onto vehicle metal plate.

- Accuracy on full range testing from 5.0V to 14.0V, and 100% tested for each item delivered.

- Both CE (European Directives) and FCC (USA Directives) certified product and with CE & FCC certificates.  


Main Functions and Installation/Testing Procedures:

- Quick diagnoses for battery/alternator output

- Colored lights to verify normal or low voltage on battery or charging


Battery Test

A.       Engine off (no ACC on), connect the positive battery pole with the red probe and the negative battery pole with the black clips;

B.       Lights 1 to 3 (or 4) will glow to indicate battery condition.

Some testing may show a reading above number 3, and cause the number 4 light in the alternator section to glow; this does not indicate a problem, some heavy duty high output batteries will glow in that way.


Alternator Test

A.       Engine running, connect the positive battery pole with the red probe and the negative battery pole with the black clips;

B.       Lights 1 to 5 (or 6) will glow to show the charging system status (alternator output).

For less case, the alternator output may be little higher than 14.0V and all 6 leds on our tester will all light up; this does not mean any problem on your car, it means your auto with HIGH alternator output and your charging system is still under good condition.


Remarks: Led lights 1-6 are for 5V (Led#1), 12V (Led#2), 12.5V (Led#3), 13V (Led#4), 13.5V (Led#5), 14V (Led#6)


Unit Weight (with Gift Box) within 100g

Unit Packaging Size (in Gift Box): 19.0*9.0*2.0cm

 ﹞Packaging Spec
Gift Packaging Provided! For order more than 100pcs, goods may be separated into Analyzer Main Units + Packaging Boxes, and the buyer will assemble the packaging by themselves.

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