[ FM-37QSA ] 
 ﹞Technical Characters
Adopts frequency phase lock loop ethnology and 3D sound coding technology
Can read MP3 files on the USB removable disk directly
Supports MP3, U disks, CD, portable hard disk and file playback
Draws power from cigarette lighter jack in the car (car 12V DC power)
Fashionable design
Resumes playback from the last frequency and track number even if it is restarted
Surface with nanometer technology
LED display
FM frequency memory
Voltage: 12 or 24V DC
Operating current: <100mA
Full FM frequency: 206 FM channel (87.5 to 108MHz)
Audio source: USB flash disk/MP3 player/CD/DVD
Transmitting distance: 5 to 8 meters
Channel switch: press the CH key to switch preset channel
Colors: white and black
Net weight: 31.5g/unit
Gross weight: 97g/unit (blister)
 ﹞Packaging Spec
Package: blister (clamshell with insert card)
Carton pack: 150 pieces/carton
Carton size: (L) 56.2 x (W) 37.5 x (H) 46.7cm
Carton gross weight: 16kg

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