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Product spec using notes
Product safety using notes
1.In order to avoid shocking by Electric shocks please don''t use MP3/MP4 in the place close to water or humidity. Don''t spatter water on the machine.
2.Don''t use the player in very hot, cold, many dust or moist environment.
3. Please don''t disassemble the machine or maintain by oneself, may lead to the fact in this way that shock by electricity or hinder the products quality from protecting. MP3 have no user parts of maintenance by oneself. If need to maintain, please contact the professional maintenance person.
4.We advise you not to use the earphone while driving. When you are driving or is engaged in the other activities, please don''t use MP3, because it makes you absent minded.
5.Whilethe volume of earphone is too big, it is may cause permanent hearing. If you listen under the state of high volume for a long time, perhaps you are used to this high volume and think this is normal volume, but this will do harm to your hearing. So, adjust the volume of your MP3 to the security size suitable, in order to prevent hearing from being damaged. If the phenomenon of the tinnitus appears, please reduce volume or stop using MP3 at once.
6.If you plan not to use the player for a long time, please take out the battery, in order to avoid the damage caused by seepage and corroding of the battery.
7. Please do not have to let the player fall falls. Players fall into may lead to scratching the surface

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